A Quick Check-in and Thanks!

Sorry for the delay, guys… wanted to let you know that all was fine with the storm on this side. 🙂  I haven’t posted the photos or story to WBIT yet.  Part of the new job is weekends, so I was tied up there all weekend; agh what a weekend!  But it’s all good! 😉  Thanks for the congrats, all (on the job and the race)!

Jo, sorry about the confusion there; a 13.1 is in miles.  It’s a half-marathon.  That threw me at first, too.  🙂  I am seriously considering training for the full marathon now, despite all of my former objections to it.

I got some interesting photos of pelicans over the crashing waves this weekend that I want to share, so first thing tomorrow, I will upload the memory card and share (the story about my “mystery flock” and the new storm photos).  Also, I want to reply to everyone’s posts… but for now, I have to get my guys ready for school in the AM.

Talk to you all soon! 🙂


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