Hawks and Petrol (but not together)

Before I forget what I just calculated, UK gas prices today are $10.24c a Gallon.  So, I’m VERY happy with $3.41 (yes, it went down again!).  The other thing to note is that UK gas prices (we call it ‘petrol’) NEVER go down.  This constantly going up and down in price that I see over here baffles me!  Also, a UK (and perhaps Canadian??) Gallon are 4.5 litres and not 3.78 as they are in the USA, so you’ll have to divide that figure by 1.2026.  Still, it’s nearly 3 times the price!

Jo:  No, I don’t think asking about the cause of death of “#10” is inappropriate although I think they’d have already said why if they wanted us to know.  Maybe someone shot at it in the air?

Yes, I actually drove by the Suwanee RSP on I-10 yesterday!

As for Hawks!  Well, your Sharpie story is weird!  I have a hawk story from today too.  I went to NCBG and saw very few birds.  I think this is more down to today’s weather than the hawk in the story, but who knows?  Anyway, into the gardens came a Cooper’s Hawk carrying its dinner.  It was very tricky for me to get an angle to ID the victim but eventually I got to see the head and it looked like a Red-bellied Woodpecker!  However, closer examination of the photos later at home on the pc show it to be an Eastern Bluebird.  There are quite a few around the neighbourhood at the moment.

Didn’t see many birds today and those I did were fairly standard ones, but I did get 11 Mourning Doves outside my window this afternoon (I rarely see more than 2).  And later (in the Superstore parking lot) I saw what I think were two racing pigeons.  They both had odd (non-Rock Pigeon) markings and one seemed to have a yellow plastic leg-ring.  Who would bother to band a Feral Pigeon?

No worthwhile pictures today.


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