Comments about a Crane celebration and catching up

DaLo, beautiful photo of a bird craning his neck to explore the most well-known symbol of Hallow- wing.

Would you like the photo of the Crane on the WBIT? deleted?  Or have people re-identify the identified bird? 

First, I will address the flight of the Hawk.  I am so glad he came to his senses and did not impale you, Jo.  As to what he was thinking, probably something along the lines of, “Time to celebrate Hallowe’en by scaring the you know what out of the lady who keeps watching me.”

We have so many Red-breasted Nuthatches in this area right now.  They arrived early in unprecedented numbers but stay until January.  The Carolina could decide to move farther south, as it is in N. Florida throughout the year.

DaLo, last I heard panhandling was morally and legally wrong.  The Cuckoo is a cool find.  That dark duck is something else.  When I first started birdwatching, there was one living in the pond across the street.  I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find that species in the books.  Then, it left.  About a year later, one reappeared there.  I still can’t figure how a duck’s head and body can be so dark.

Jo, did I tell you how much I enjoyed your photos from last spring at Fort De Soto?  I missed seeing the Yellow-throated Warbler.  I am not surprised. I have two photos of a Cardinal waiting for an Orchard Oriole in the fountain.  In one of the photos, the Oriole is looking at the Cardinal.  I didn’t see the Cardinal who was more hidden than yours unless I went through the photos later.

I saw about two dozen Nanday Conures fly over last night.  Guess this was part of a convention in the area.

I am a bit disturbed about the Cranes political association as shown by the way then people with them are dressed .  ‘Nuf said.

Jenn, cool wordplay with the Penguins.



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