When “First Thing Tomorrow” Turns into 3 Days from Now…

Ok, now that the holiday is behind us…

I hope you all had a wonderful Hallowe’en!!!  It is my favorite holiday, but the circumstances this year made it so very difficult to get into the spirit (no pun intended).  Then, when I woke up yesterday, it just struck me that I needed to get it in gear because I only get one shot at it a year!  So, I did. 🙂

Now, I am going to go back and comment and I will share the bird mystery that is not really a mystery… well, maybe it is, but I heard something the other day that suggests perhaps not.

Jo, your Evening Grosbeaks are just gorgeous!  How lucky for you to have them in the yard.  That white patch on their wings is so striking against their yellow and black feathers; I would love to get a glimpse of one of them some day.  I really love the cowbird photo as well.  I have a special appreciation for cowbirds after watching their large flocks come and go from my yard.  I am only seeing one or two at a time these days, but in the spring, I am sure they will be back in large numbers with the robins.  Mine are Brown-headed Cowbirds.  Twice I was lucky enough to get a Shiny Cowbird visiting, but I have never seen a Bronzed Cowbird.

Did you get any bad weather up there?  Hopefully nothing too serious, but with the other fronts converging, I am not sure where you are in relation to that atmospheric action…

As for your Sharpie attack, that is a bit of odd behavior and I’ve no theory on that one, myself!  Between DaLo’s Red-shouldered encounter and yours with the Sharpie… strange things… I think I’ll go with SLB’s theory.

DaLo, congrats on the Cuckoo!!  I am interested to see the photo you got of the Northern Rough-winged Swallow, but I don’t believe you posted it.  It’s interesting how, in my opinion, seeing the photos of the birds you all have sighted, makes them sometimes easier to ID when I come across them.  I’m not sure why this is, but it is. 🙂

The dark duck you photographed is very beautiful!  Is it some plumage variation of a mallard, perhaps?  (Oops… just read Jo’s comment of the same nature… the tail and overall shape are what made me think of a Mallard drake, but I see what Jo meant by not quite curly enough.)  I guess, since pigeons and Cockatiels can be so variable depending upon their lineage, it seems that Mallards could be as well, although that is certainly unusual colouring!

SLB, I have not seen the Red-breasted Nuthatches, but I keep seeing reports of them pop up in Florida, so I am keeping an eye out for those.  I was so excited to find where the Brown-headed Nuthatches hang out at the state park over here, so maybe a Red-breasted will show up to hang there too.

How cool that you saw the Nanday Conures!  I think there are supposed to be some of those over here, but I have never seen them.  With this job, I will be in the area where the wild parrot flocks tend to be reported though, so perhaps I will get to see them in the foreseeable future.  At least I should be able to glimpse the Quaker Parrots that live near the river… never leave the house without a camera (is the motto I try to live by). 🙂

As for changes to the site, it’s all you!  😀 I love what you’ve done so far, so by all means, to second Jo’s call, whatever changes you make are fine with me.  The purple heading is a nice touch, by the way.

A side note:

As I have re-read over the last few days’ comments while I was drafting this post, I just have to note that one of the (many) things I love about this board it the word play… I think our little group does that better than anyone I have ever known!  🙂


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