Kinglets and Petrol

A rather quiet day today.  I managed to squeeze in a 90 minute walk at the park (thanks to sand-spurs both my bikes have punctures and my electric pump just quit on me).  I did see what I think was a Ring-neck Duck today but it was swimming away faster than I could walk over (the advantage of a bike) so my dusk shots were too grainy to get a positive ID.  Maybe tomorrow?  Anyway, the nights are pulling in closer and the winter ducks are arriving and in about 27 hours the clocks will change from DST (boo hiss!!).  So maybe the next batch of birds (and lifers?) are on their way?

I know what it’s like to try to get shots of kinglets as that is exactly what I was attempting yesterday – only with Ruby-crowned ones!  they’re little tinkers, but I adore them – one of my favourite birds.  I used to see (and struggle to photograph) them in the UK.  I have many “smudged” kinglets on my hard-drive!  I’ve never seen the Golden-crowned variety (so jealous) but I may have seen the Firecrest (which is the “other” UK Kinglet species of Goldcrest).

As for gas prices, they just dropped again here from $3.32 to $3.25!  And the gas pumps in NJ / NYC are dry?!?  I guess they’ll be $4.15 immediately after the election?!?  That translates to 77 Canadian Nuggets per Litre!!




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