I do not like EST!!

It’s tough to adjust to the changing of the clocks….makes me think I should get up as early as the birds to enjoy more of the daylight.  Why is it that the hours seem to go by much too quickly during the day no matter what time I get up….before you know it, it’s dark again.  Nope, don’t like it one bit.  And, really, who are we fooling anyway?

SLB…..I believe I do have some pictures of the Black Ducks waddling up the hill from the river….I’ll look for them and will post them.  We had 11 of them today, and it’s not as though they just come up from the river once a day.  They paddle around the river and when they’re hungry, which could be at any time, they waddle up the hill, expecting to always find cracked corn.  I have no idea when they’re in the front yard.  I don’t see unless I happen to walk by the front windows and see them waiting patiently by the area where I scatter the corn.  As soon as I open the front door, they start leaving the yard and sometimes even fly back to the river.  They’re very skittish, although that wasn’t always the case.  In past years, I could walk outside, down the steps, scatter the corn and then stand nearby as they quickly gobbled up the corn, fighting and pecking at one another.  Now, they have no trust in me at all and I have no idea what changed.

DaLo….gas prices….how odd that they’ve fallen again in the US, while they went up here by five cents a liter last week  Difficult to imagine that they have to ration the gas in the NY/NJ area, although with so many people without power and using generators, I guess that’s why.  That was very nice of you to contribute “bits and bobs” to the people in need of so much…..my heart goes out to all of them.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, but anyone trying to get a picture of little birds can understand the frustration involved….they just don’t stay still long enough.  The Kinglets are such cute little birds, though, and they’ve been around the yard for several days now, although, no good pictures of any of them.  Not sure if the RCK has yellow feet, too….does it?   Also, as you may know from posting on eBird, DaLo, this monster storm has caused a lot of birds to fly off course, so you can expect just about anything down there.  Your picture of the Yellow-throated Warbler….beautiful shot of a very colorful bird.

I don’t fear snakes the way I do spiders, but that’s a very handsome rattler.  Last year, my brother Eddie slid open the screen door to his garage so he could get his golf cart out to go golfing.  As he did so, he felt something hit his arm….it was a pygmy rattler, which he wound up running over and killing with the cart.  I guess you could say that he’s not a fan of snakes at all.  I’m sure you weren’t about to kill the rattler that you saw, but they are not something that I would want to run into while out birding. 

Not much happening around our yard, although the birds are eating us out of house and home.  I wonder if they’re trying to tell us something about the coming season.  We’ve never seen so many Chickadees and Red-breasted Nuthatches at the feeders.  Today, two male Goldfinches showed up at the same feeders, but they like to sit and eat and eat until they can’t eat any more.  They weren’t able to do that, because the Chickadees and Nuthatches kept up a steady stream, which disturbed the Finches, so they went over to the nyjer feeder and ate there. 

Thank you, DaLo, for posting the whereabouts of the Whoppers…..with any luck, they should make it to their winter home before too long and let’s hope they all arrive safely.

A couple of nights ago, I tried to look at Jenn’s pictures on the WBIT? site, but when I clicked on a picture, the message popped up stating that I did not have permission or some such thing to look at the picture, and there was a place to sign on to WordPress, which I had already done by going to this site….so, I gave up.  Haven’t checked again, so have no idea if there’s still a problem.  I’m very curious as to what her mystery birds are…..red-winged blackbirds?




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