Follow the leader up the hill…

SLB, rather than search my files, I took these pictures today as the Black Ducks made their way up the hill from the river to get the cracked corn….


As you will notice in the first picture, there is one lone Blue Jay trying to get as much corn as possible before the ducks arrive and chase it away.

DaLo….I hear you loud and clear about the time change… absolutely makes no sense, since we cannot change the way the rotation of the earth.  Instead of taking advantage of the shortened daylight hours, we do just the opposite.  Why not just leave DST all year long?  Oh, well….nothing we can do except complain and that falls on deaf ears.

That’s an impressive number of snakes that you’ve seen and you have to thank your lucky stars that none of the poisonous ones ever did bite you.

Okay, gotta run….off to get some test results…..


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