I abhor, loathe, hate, despise and detEST the “changing of the clocks”!  Why on earth don’t they change them the other way?  Sun setting before 7pm? now problem, let’s put the clocks FORWARD two hours!  Oh well.

As for snakes, I was totting up today how many different ones I’ve seen here in Florida.  In approximate order of danger they’d be…

Brahminy (flowerpot) Snake

Green (Grass) Snake

Ringneck Snake

Black Racer

Red Rat (Corn) Snake

Garter Snake

Brown Watersnake

Coachwhip Snake

Pygmy Rattler

Eastern Diamondback (perhaps?  I didn’t poke around in the grass to find out!)

Water Moccasin / ‘Cottonmouth’  (road kill)

Coral Snake

Adder (UK) our only venomous snake

Oooh, more than I thought!  Also, it’s worth noting that I’ve never been bitten by a snake.  I have been bitten by cat, dog, rat, mouse, hedgehog, horse, human, hamster, lizard, swan, spider, tick and mosquito, but never a snake!

OK, onto the birds. Not much around today – again, but I did see nine Scaup on the lake today, so maybe the ‘winter’ birds are arriving?  The Palm and Yellow-rumped Warblers have been here for a week or two and the Kinglets arrived November 1st, so hopefully this ‘betwixt seasons doldrums’ will morph into something a little more exciting very soon.


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