Enjoy your photos as always, Dalo.  The Snowy is beautiful.  The Egret is still beautiful and so cooperative when posing for photos.  He needs some extra attention and affection these days.  I would like to say the snake is cool, but it was too small for me to see.  Bad joke. You know how some magazines and newspapers print a photo and ask for a caption.  This is it.   “I overhead the Finch family discussing how happy they will be to see the good ole commercials, again.”

 Jo, thanks for the black ducks.  I love the way they are on the march.  Why shouldn’t the Jay be there?  In this neighborhood, they are everywhere and displaying their vocal pride better than cheerleaders at a high school game in Texas.

Has everyone figured out what I am so proud about? 

Jenn, what a wonderful story.  Thanks for the link.  Bitten by a snake?  I hear that’s a risk in Florida, but also at the hospital, I realize.  Being a health care worker can be risky.  Your patients can be particularly difficult sticking out their tongues and refusing to open their bills.

Not long ago, I had an obstinate wrist watch.  It refused to get with the times.  For six months, I re-figured out the time, until there was another time change.  Unfortunately, I fear a repeat,  this season, this time with an inexpensive clock radio.  it came with elaborate instructions about using the same buttons for umpteen functions.  I only want to walk by quickly and glance at the time.  The instruction booklet was put somewhere by someone several months ago, and that’s too long to recall where.  Time to move on to the next post .  -SLB


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