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Ok, so I quartered the post (vs. the supposed thirds)… Hopefully you all can view those photos with ease.  if not, apologies.  After the last issue, I am not sure what to expect.

SLB, the snake bite actually occurred when I lived in Utah… she was a companion animal, so the meds were vet-ordered and I got a crash course on the “how-to”. 😕  Thankfully, I hear that there are now meds on the market that can be administered to reptiles without needles (this incident was some 9 or 10 years back).  Hopefully I will never need to find out, but it’s good to know.

The dialogue between you and Rocky:  Classic! 🙂  As for the outdated voting system… hear, hear; complete overhaul is in order!  Oh politics… so glad the phones are quiet again.

DaLo, what an awesome story with a very happy ending!  Great job on the rescue!!  I am so glad that the gull flew off uninjured!

Your kingfisher is an amazing capture (for you and the bird)!  I can never get a really good photo of them.  Like kestrels, the second they think they’re being watched, they bolt!  How lucky for you spotting the Brewer’s Blackbird, also!  I have never seen one, so I am wondering… what gave its ID away for you (besides the fact that you have seen one before, if I recall)?  In your photo, I’m curious as to how it stood out as a BBB when many range maps don’t give us any of the blackbirds and many of the species look very similar.  It’s kind of like IDing crows (which, from what I understand is best done by sound in our area assuming they aren’t standing next to each other for size comparisons).

Have fun on the CBC, should you decide to participate! 🙂


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