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DaLo, I can only echo Jenn ‘Your kingfisher is an amazing capture (for you and the bird)!  I can never get a really good photo of them.  Like kestrels, the second they think they’re being watched, they bolt!”  P-Rocky vote???  You know why I am so proud.  I hope Jo and Jenn will check in at WBIT and check out the latest Post with its innumerable comments.

I am so glad you helped the Gull to return to its life.

Jenn, all the MINWR photos are wonderful.  You and the camera are doing so well together.  As far as that species selection, you were pretty hot.  On the end of the temperature spectrum, That Sapsucker is pretty cool.  

The key incident, not so much, but you already knew that.  You don’t want to hear my catalogue of locking the keys in the car or misplacing them.

Jenn, I have never had a companion snake, but some snakes are beautiful specimens.

Rocky is known as “The Talking Dog.”  He looks at people, open and closes his mouth while clenching his teeth.  Sometimes, he makes sounds.  There are a lot of people in this building who end up riding the elevator with The Talking Dog and they just get the biggest kick out of him.  Except for his animated conversations with the head maintenance man, Rocky only speaks, rarely converses with the residents in this building.  Who do you think was the result of Empty Nest Syndrome?

This bird has spent almost, if not, every day at the same run-off since mid-August.  We walk by at different times of the day and usually see him with a Tricolored Heron, often Florida Mallards, once a Wood Stork, a couple times a Snowy Egret and once a flock of Ibis.  I find his dedication to that run-off amazing, and will be sad when he moves on.  We chose to post the photo on the day Florida decided the results of the 2012 election, the definition being Romney’s “aide” conceded Florida.  Also, there’s television story querying whether Floridians votes mattered at all in what was considered a swing state.  Preference for candidates aside, when Rocky votes, it counts and here is the result of Rocky’s vote.    -SLB

Roseate Spoonbill
October 14, 2012 S. Pasadena, FL


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