Very eventful day!

I really had a feeling that today was going to be a damp squib – but I was wrong!

Firstly, Jenn, I can’t wait to read that WW2 article, and SLB, I’m trying to think of a dog-vote joke, but “P-Rocky Vote” is the best I can think of at 3am!

So, I went to Bayport and expected to see not very much.  But, as I was about to wrap things up, I was doing a quick count of the Grackles and I saw the Brewer’s Blackbird had returned!  As I was photographing that I became aware of a commotion on the jetty and saw that a Laughing Gull had become entangled in some some fishing line (still attached to the pole).  To cut a long story short an (unidentified) woman and I cut free and unwrapped the bird and found it to be 100% unhurt, and after a quick ‘thank you’ jab by its sharp beak I threw it back into the air and it flew off to join its friends!  I was really sure it would be both hooked and cut by the line, but by covering its head with my jacket it relaxed and let me help it.  A very happy and unexpected ending!

This story goes some way to undermine the fact that I also managed to photograph a kingfisher with a fish in its mouth (and the Brewer’s Blackbird sighting).  When I got home, I looked out of my front window and saw that the Chipping Sparrows had returned (and were eating the millet I remembered finally to put out before I left).  I didn’t get a picture as my camera was halfway through uploading the BBB pictures and it doesn’t like being unplugged mid-job!

Then I had to ID some shorebirds (or ‘UNsure birds!’) by sound alone (groan) but miraculously I found an exact match on AllAboutBirds for what turned out to be a Greater Yellowlegs, so that was handy.

Then I got an email inviting me to join the Christmas Bird Count(s) for 2012.  And that’s just the bird related stuff.  Like I said, it was a very eventful day today!





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