I’m going to make this quick

SLB:  P-Rocky Vote = “Proxy Vote” (I said the joke was bad!).

Jenn:  I locked all our house keys inside the house last week, so I know how that feels!

I love the pictures of the Spoonbill (SLB) and Painted Buntings (Jenn).  I’ve yet to encounter a PB in Hernando or a Spoonbill I think (or a Yellow-crowned NH).  I only have 4 birds to go to reach my ‘200 in a year’ quest, but it’s difficult to find a species I either haven’t seen yet or am likely to see as some just don’t seem to like it here!  Maybe the CBC will tip me over the edge?  As for the Brewer’s Blackbird ID, I had various ways to tell.  Mainly, recognition from last year, but also some help from a local expert.  Process of elimination helped and the fact that this bird is ‘obvious’ by having no obvious markings (except a dark eye in the female – which this is).

eBird is saying that now is a great time for exotic hummers and to put out our feeders!  Also, I too was out today looking for Scissor-tailed FCs (just in case).  I wish us luck!  🙂

My wife ‘almost’ locked her car once (the night of the 2008 Obama win as it happens) and someone swiped her laptop.  The police said that locking a car with a wifi-fob doesn’t always work and three of the four doors may lock and one may ‘bounce’ back.  I think he was just being kind and she forgot, but either way, I never use the gizmo on the keyring, I always use the key, that way, I MUST have the key in my hand.  Also, we have a Kia and it likes to lock itself without anyone touching it (it did it yesterday) so I never leave the keys in the ignition.  I’m quite good at picking locks and getting into cars, but modern ones are much trickier so I’m not confident I could regain entry to an Optima!


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