A Couple Quick Comments

Jo, I do hope it’s nothing serious!  I echo DaLo’s wishes of luck.  As for the bit about socialized medicine… I will have to refrain from comment at this time (but I won’t be a fan of it, myself).

I’m still looking forward to birding with you when you get down this way though!  We’ll shoot for a Monday trip to Turkey Creek, if that fits in your schedule. 🙂

SLB, thanks for the link on the duck story!  I hadn’t seen that one and it was very heartwarming!  It left me with tears in my eyes, actually. 🙂

Companion snakes are great for those with arthritis in the hand/wrist area.  Depending upon the person, they can really be very therapeutic animals for a multitude of reasons.

Rocky’s vote for the favorite photo was spot on!  That is a gorgeous Roseate; very beautifully photographed!!

DaLo, well done on the decoded message! 😉  (I actually could not hold back the laughs on that Photoshop job.)  Seriously though, I’m so glad they want to award him a medal of honor!


Thanks for the comments on the photos, all.  I will be sharing a couple more here shortly because I did get back to MINWR on Friday and… great news… I FOUND THE FLYCATCHER!   Sorry; did that come across as too excited?  😉  I added some three birds to my life list on this trip, so I am pretty thrilled about that, too.


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