I don’t get it, so I got it!

OK, I don’t get it.  Gas prices have fallen again – twice!  I just drove down US19 and almost every gas-station was at $3.15 or $3.16 per gallon!  I even took a picture to show I wasn’t delusional!  On the way home, the price went down to $3.14!  At this rate, gas will be free by Christmas!  Now, the election is over, so what exactly is causing this price drop? It can’t be Hurricane Sandy or the onset of winter as they’d both have the reverse effect!  Anyway, moving on…  I did get down to Pinellas today, but time just evaporated so I didn’t get in as much birding as I wanted.  I managed to see 120 Coots and 1 Spoonbill, but other stuff got in the way.  Never mind.  Did I mention the gas prices?!! 



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