Let’s not duck the real issues here

DaLo, all jokes aside, do you feel withdrawal symptoms on days when you are unable to go birding?   Jenn, I think we all agree that we wish you had more time to take yourself and your camera out a little more frequently.  Jo, resolution or revolution!

 Don’t stories about leaving keys in the wrong place unlock the memories?  When I was a kid, I was required to crawl through a tiny window into an even tinier room next to the back door, and we all know what kind of room that was.  I’m not complaining since I was never pushed through the “milkbox.”

Chad needs to be hauled away with the garbage.  His four days of indeciseness are more proof that he needed some serious term limits. What other messages can we send with our carrier pigeons.  The comics have come to deppend on us. We’ve also spoonfed the news reporters work for their dinners?  Truth be told, as far as that goes, better us than Sandy.

Rocky frequently acknowledges, if not speaks to those he likes, including felines.  He is a more choosy about those he actually has conversations and ongoing relationships with.  

The Spoonbill was there today.  This is one incredible bird.  Since the run-off is next to Rally’s car wash, should the water ever (lol) threaten to evaporate, Rally’s water sources can keep the area Spoonbill-friendly.

Gulfport Beach was rather quiet when I arrived.  I saw lots and lots of Laughers, some Egrets, some Herons.  I glanced at my watch to see how close to 4pm it was.  I muttered, “I wonder if the Veterans’ Day parade will start on time.”  I heard a voice quiet as a feather come from the Bay, “Will-it?” It did.  

My friend just sent me the wonderful duckling story.  Those ducklings may be old quackers by now, but that is a timeless story.  On my way to Gulfport Beach, I stopped at big pond nestled between Gulfport Beach and Gulfport Marina.
(I have not posted any photos from this pond) I had my camera and the new kids in the pond came peeking around the corner.  -SLB

2012_11_10 Pekin Ducks DSCF0546



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