My, my, but I’ve missed a lot….

Just read all the posts….enjoyed all of them, as usual.   I haven’t read the story yet about the WWII pigeon, but maybe now that DaLo has broken the code….well, I’ll read it anyway.  Since I also have conversations with BJ, and he doesn’t always agree with me, either, it’s not surprising to read that SLB and Rocky converse with each other.  He may not want to chat with everyone he meets, but he obviously has found a buddy in the maintenance man.  I do believe that dogs know how to chose friends wisely, and he also chose a beautiful picture to post….what a pretty shot, SLB.  As for Florida’s voting system….it obviously needs a complete overhaul….Chad needs to be retired and the sooner the better.

And, Jenn, you are certainly doing very well with your new camera.  That’s a nice variety of birds that you found at Merritt Island.  I guess we can all relate to locked keys in car or house…..I did that, too, but mine was even more of a problem….as I walked away and went to put the keys in my purse, it dawned on me that I had opened the door, pushed the lock down and walked away without turning off the ignition or removing the key….this all happened many, many years ago on a Friday the 13th.  Thankfully, I worked in our town, less than a mile from home, so my father was able to bring an extra set of keys to me.  I also managed to cut myself when opening a can of tuna for lunch that day….quite a day.  I’ve also locked keys in my house….one time I wound up crawling through one panel of the jalousie windows on the porch, (it didn’t close fully, thank goodness), a very tight squeeze and I was thankful that I was relatively thin.  I managed to land head first on the floor, but uninjured and also thankful no one called the police on me.  Oh, yes, the joy of doing dumb things where keys are concerned.  As for using the key fob, I usually check to make sure all the doors lock, but perhaps you’re right, DaLo, it would be better to use the key.

Jenn, it was so nice to hear that the Federal Duck Stamp serves as an annual pass….all the more reason for me to buy one when we get back to there..

The Kingfisher photo….nice shot, especially with the fish that’s about to disappear.  I know how difficult it is to capture them and the Kestrels, too…they are very aware of any movement.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Brewer’s Blackbird either.  I’ve also read the article on eBird about the possibility of seeing a lot of new species this month.  That should help you reach your goal of 200 birds, DaLo.  There are still numerous reports about sightings of the Red-breasted Nuthatches and the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher.  The R-B Nuthatches should be easy if they’re in your area, since you hear them before seeing them….they sound like a little duck….listen to a recording of their voice….it sounds very much like a duck quacking.  They are very friendly little birds so getting a picture should be easy, too.  Good luck!

I’ve seen the video of the little ducklings that were saved… happened in 2009 in Spokane, Washington and has been making the rounds of the Internet ever since.  Here’s another link, one that goes to the original article….

It was even nicer, though, to read about DaLo and the woman rescuing the Laughing Gull.  What a pity that that happened because of fishing line.  Lucky for that bird that there were people around to help it.  Well done!

It’s amazing how gas prices are falling like a lead balloon. It is a mystery, especially with the situation in the storm-damaged areas in the Northeast.  Of course, the stock market also plummeted, but I never understand why that happens either.  Who was it that said, “Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do or die.”  Guess we just have to roll with it.  As mentioned, gas prices here are regulated by the government, and only change every two weeks, so it will be interesting to see if they go down….they went up by 5 cents the last time there was a change, just the opposite of what happened in the US.  Go figure.

Speaking of change….our plans to leave here next Wednesday, have been delayed….the test that I had done has led to yet another and thanks to socialized medicine, we wait and wait and wait some more… about bad timing.


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