Have I slept in again?

Jenn found a Flycatcher!  I truly wish you could experience hearing the imitable “song” of two dozen birds while watching their green bodies with black hoods flying over Gulfprt, St. Petersburg or S. Pasadena.  I’ve never seen them land in groups of trees close to each other as they call to one another, until the leader of the pack tells them it is time to fly on.  I have not been oblivious these last couple of years.  I truly believe there is either an increase of the Nandays in this area or an increase in Nandays. 

DaLo  I’d like to make a contribution to your species tally. I requested the Y-c Night Heron that hangs at the local park here visit the Whichy Whichy Preserves (canned by members of the Indian tribe of the same name) located in Hernando County.  We’re all rooting for you to reach your goal.   And, we are waiting for the social doctors Canadian health system to sign-off on Jo’s health form and the custom’s people to recognize that she is an American citizen (right?) wanting to return to her family, friends and her other feathered friends.  -SLB


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