When the birds are elsewhere, birdwatchers’ humour soothes the soul and rocks the ribs

Without Zentangles, the wourld would be a duller space.   Without Rocky gracing a special flag, the wourld would let Johns’ legacy might dim.  Without taking a secound look at an important piece of history, the wourld would fail to discover how much the British and Americans are alike.  Without DaLo’s wonderful sense of humour, SLB and Rocky might just be another pair of birdwatchers slipping past “No Hunting, No Fishing, No Trespassing” signs, ripping their jeans in the underbrush, running from the Florida ‘Gators, bemoaning forgetting the bugspray then sighting a grinning Lifer alighting a nanosecond, just long enough for the perfect shot.  And clicking the shutter of a camera whose batteries have, apparently, just expired.  A nanosecond too brief a time to ID the bird beyond knowing it’s never crossed our path before.  And, so, we leave, planning our next journey into the wourld of birdwatching.

Thanks, DaLo.  I love what you share here when the birds have gone home to roost.   And to Jo and Jenn for putting up with my silliness.

You’re absolutely right, DaLo, being a birdwatcher in Florida is special.  -SLB


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