Knot Funny

Oh, definitely not funny.  Also, Rocky is so disappointed in your “stretching” the truth.  Confuse-shush say “Flights of fancy lead one away from birding records.”

We went to Lake Pasadena at dusk.  Over two dozen Cormorants and Anhingas in four trees that look like one horizontal tree.  They were mostly Cormorants, and it was funny to watch the little spats.  The mangrove is apparently where the Great Egrets go to roost.  There were some Great Blue Herons, and lots of smaller white forms, which were probably Snowy Egrets.  This is the mangrove where the fledgings hatch in spring, and the majority are Anhingas.  I have not seen any Cormorants there in the spring so it was interesting to see who has co-opted the most space this season.

Of course, I was at Gulfport Beach last week.  I think this is a juvenile Royal Tern.  If not, it is an adult Royal Tern, one of the birds that seems to be back.

2012_11_05 Royal Tern

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