Latest Crane Facts…

Goodbye Kentucky and hello Tennessee! Now at 569 miles gone, the Class of 2012 passed the halfway point in air miles Nov. 8 while en route to Carroll County, Tennessee. Last year they didn’t arrive at this stopover until Dec. 9! After four down-days with wind or rain, the outlook is promising for lifting off tomorrow—and reaching the final stop in Tennessee.

In more good news, five Direct Autumn Release (DAR) birds in the Class of 2012 are already in Florida—and they found their way without following experienced cranes! The sixth DAR crane is still with Sandhill Cranes in Wisconsin. Sixty-four other Whooping Cranes in the Eastern flock are still there too. ICF tracker Eva also reports 22 others of this flock were in Indiana, 2 in Alabama, 1 in Michigan, and 10 on migration at unknown locations.

This is an 1101-mile migration to St. Marks NWR in Florida.  [Text & picture from “Operation Migration”]



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