Sometimes life throws you a curve…

Totally unexpected, I might add.  It may take a while for me to get back to the straight and narrow path, but I am determined to do so.  I have two more tests to take…Nov. 20 and Nov. 29.  Shortly after the last test and barring any complications, of course, we will leave here and be on our way eventually to FL, getting there sometime during the first week of Dec.  But, this is a place to discuss birds, not health concerns……

I haven’t been following the posts lately, but did so today and, as usual, enjoyed everything….it was so nice to see the humorous posts…..well done, SLB and DaLo…..especially enjoyed the “tagged” Red Knot that wound up on someone’s plate.  Glad to see that the Whoopers are getting closer to their goal.  Jenn, your pictures of the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher are great!  I’m envious, but I know what you mean about devoting so much time and effort to one bird….I did the same thing this past winter with the Fork-tailed Flycatcher…hundreds of pictures of him.

Not much going on around our yard, although we did have a few Pine Siskins show up at the feeders today….they’re not a new bird for me, as they’ve been here before, but we seldom see them from one year to the next.  One lone male Goldfinch fed right next to them.  The Black Ducks are still around, as many as 15 waddle up the hill to get the corn.  The Jays have been reduced from 18 to 6 or 8, which is normal.  Chickadees and RB Nuthatches continue to eat as though there was no tomorrow.  Perhaps they know it’s going to be a harsh winter, which is all the more reason for me to want to head for FL soon….it was 28 this morning.

By the way, Jenn….just remember this….once we’re back in FL, meeting with you on a Monday would be fine…..looking forward to that.

I am in complete agreement that it’s great to be a FL birdwatcher, even if it’s only done part time.


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