Holidays, Snow Bunting, and an Unknown Sparrow

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!

So, it has been a busy couple weeks here with company coming, going, and still adjusting to the job schedule while trying to balance life and birding.  I’m guessing we have all been busy with the holidays in full swing (hence the unusually quiet boards).

So, I’m looking back about two weeks…

Thanks for the compliments on the flycatcher photos, first off.  I went out of my way last Tuesday to track down another rare-ish visitor in the MINWR area:


I was just crossing my fingers that it would be an easy bird to locate based on the Brdbrain reports because it was a long drive and I had very little time to play with that day.  But the Snow Bunting was on the top of my “must see” list and because of its northern range, I never thought I would get to see one!

But wait!  Who might this little one’s friend be?  (Seriously, I need your opinions on this one.) 🙂



I think I may have figured out the sparrow’s ID, but I’m super unsure because of the beach-side location.  So what do you all think?

SLB… I am going to post the Caspian Tern (or what I suspect is a Caspian, anyway)… just as soon as I figure out what I did with the photo. 😕  I thought I uploaded it already, but I didn’t see it when I looked just now.  I also have some other tern IDs I am currently working so that I can get my life list up-to-date before 2012 is out.

Jo, Monday it is, then!

When I went looking for the Scissor-tailed, I remembered your Fork-tailed Flycatcher sighting, specifically.  That’s when I first put the Scissor-tailed on my “most wanted” list (because I hadn’t known of either until that time). 😀

I hope your first test went well and that tomorrow’s goes well also.

DaLo, how goes the run for 200 in 2012; have you made it yet?  We’re all cheering you on, you know. 🙂


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