What is this bird?

There are occasions where I am focusing on photographing a certain kind of bird, but then when I process the photos I discover another species in the photos.  This bird was found when I viewed the photos I had taken.  It was taken near to a pond in St. Petersburg at the end of January, 2013. What is it?

A bird that needs to be identified

I was thinking that the posture in the photo I posted of the “unknown bird” was similar to a Thrush or maybe even an Ovenbird, but nothing in my guides seemed to show a close enough match.  Females and immature birds seem to be among the most challenging.  It turns out that this is one of those situations.  The bird is one that is common in my area, central Florida on the Gulf Coast.  It is a Yellow-rumped Warbler, either a female or young male in basic winter plumage.



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