More winter Bird Watching

This past winter, I had errands in the same part of St. Petersburg over a period of a several weeks.  I returned to the same place, Crescent Lake each time.  In December, I saw Ring-billed Ducks, Pied-billed Grebe, and Lesser Scaup. Come January, the American Coots were there, in full force.  I also looked up, as I do by habit, when I heard unmistakable squawking.  There was a watertower filled with nests and small, noisy birds. 

2013_01_24  Monk Parrots  DSCF0957 0Crescent Lake, St. Petersburg, FL

2013_01_24 Monk Parrots DSCF0957 0
Crescent Lake, St. Petersburg, FL

There is a pair of Nanday Parakeets that appears to have taken up residence down the street from me, colonies in the town next door, probably in the two towns next door.  This is why I look to the skies when I hear squawking;  I habitually count how many Parakeets are in the flock.  If my ear were more finally tuned, I might have been able to distinguish the Nanday squawk from the Monks’ sounds.

This winter, my first Lifer for Crescent lake was an Eastern Phoebe.

2013_01_24  Eastern PhoebeCrescent Lake, St. Petersburg, FL

2013_01_24 Eastern Phoebe
Crescent Lake, St. Petersburg, FL

During my February trip, I looked up at a tree branch and saw a brown bird staring back at me.  He was quite patient while I snapped away, then when we were both done, he with his patience, I with my photos, he flew off.  This little guy was also a Lifer.

2013_02_15  R-w Swallow  DSCF1150Crescent Lake, St. Petersburg, FL

2013_02_15 R-w Swallow DSCF1150
Crescent Lake, St. Petersburg, FL

By March, the Ring-billed Ducks were gone for the season, but the Lesser Scaup were still hanging around.  Either I missed seeing the Northern Shovelers which I saw at Crescent Lake last year, or they were not there this past winter.  I also saw eighteen Cormorants swimming together.  That was interesting. 

My blogging has almost caught up until the point when the spring migrants began arriving in Pinellas County, Florida.  In the spring, it’s location seems to be ideal for some of the migrant birds that pass through the area on their way to their seasonal destination.   – SLB

Pinellas County Map_1

Pinellas County Map_1



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