Come visit Floridabirdwatchers

This multi-user blog is for birders to share your birding experiences, to share your photos.  One need not have a camera, take great pics or even share experiences to be here.  Just visit and hopefully, you will want to stay. 

People who bird in Florida and people who are interested in Florida birding are welcome here.  We have so many birds here year round as well as a wide variety of migrants that it is always a fascinating hobby here.  

I got a little lazy about sharing my own experiences here.  A part of it was that  the camera broke, a permanent situation for that camera.  I have to admit I am one of those people who is more comfortable with a camera.  I am just not a person who peers through binoculars too often.  I enjoy taking photos, but frequently use them for to identify the birds.  I need to spend more time also observing the bird at the same time.  I really admire people who can enjoy and ID birds on the fly or by the memory of what they have just seen.

I now have a bridge camera and am learning how to use the settings to the best advantage for birds and other things that interest me.  I never set the previous kind of bridge camera, just used the automatic setting.  I know this will take a lot of time and practice.   Like so many people, I am wondering how I will find the time with my busy schedule.  Maybe it will take longer than I wish it would to get the hang of it; maybe the “click” when it all falls together will come more quickly.  I want to do the happy dance because I am blessed to have a camera for birding now.  Here is one of the practice photos.  -SLB

Below, practicing capturing motion



Practicing depth of field




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