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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!! So, it has been a busy couple weeks here with company coming, going, and still adjusting to the job schedule while trying to balance life and birding.  I’m guessing we have all been … Continue reading

Some Comments and Catch-ups… More to Come

So, going back a few days and entries…

The additions to the pigeon’s story were priceless!  I must admit that I could not stop giggling at the decoded message and the fire truck’s response.  Hear, hear to the birdwatchers’ humour!

DaLo, it’s great to see you have found a tagged Red Knot… sort of. 😀  I shall remember that one.  I would, uh, “check” for tags on the Thanksgiving “turkey”… but I’m pretty sure none of my dinner guests will get it… perhaps if I put it in context?  😕

And, to continue the proclamation above (concerning humour), it’s great to have a group of birding friends to appreciate the jokes! 🙂

SLB, I love the photo of the Royal Tern!  I recently took a picture of what I believe to be a Caspian Tern, but I need to post it here for confirmation… those terns are forever a difficult ID for me.

I am really excited to hear the great news about the Whooping Cranes!  I would love to see one of them some day and I have been cheering them on as you all have been posting the updates; thanks for that!

Ok, I wanted to make a few more comments and post a couple more photos from the other day, but I am quickly running out of morning time to do so, so I shall have to return later for that.  I hope everyone’s having a great week; today, we have rain over here, but my feeder birds seem to be loving that! 🙂

Scissor-tailed Flycatcher

Ok… so I have not commanded a great deal of computer time in the last few days, and before I knew it I was halfway through this week… with the holiday coming up fast!  I processed these photos this weekend and wanted to share some with you all though.  So here are a few of the (probably) 200-300 that I took of this beautiful new favorite!


Scissor-tailed Flycatcher streeetch



Scissor-tailed Flycatcher lunch



Scissor-tailed Flycatcher bird and berries





I have never put so much time, effort, and money into finding a single bird, so when I found her (?), it was very exciting.  Once we had located one another, there were times throughout the hike where I wasn’t sure who was following whom.  Every time I would move on, she would pop up nearby, sometimes hunting the grasshoppers on the path, sometimes preening, sometimes just watching.  It was a surreal experience that I will never forget.

This is the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher that has been hanging out near the Shiloh boat ramp (?) just over the Volusia County border; at the north end of the MINWR, by the way.

(Hopefully these images aren’t too large.  I shrunk them via PhotoShop and minimized them on the post, but they did take a moment to appear after I published the post.  Let me know if you can’t view them.)

A Couple Quick Comments

Jo, I do hope it’s nothing serious!  I echo DaLo’s wishes of luck.  As for the bit about socialized medicine… I will have to refrain from comment at this time (but I won’t be a fan of it, myself).

I’m still looking forward to birding with you when you get down this way though!  We’ll shoot for a Monday trip to Turkey Creek, if that fits in your schedule. 🙂

SLB, thanks for the link on the duck story!  I hadn’t seen that one and it was very heartwarming!  It left me with tears in my eyes, actually. 🙂

Companion snakes are great for those with arthritis in the hand/wrist area.  Depending upon the person, they can really be very therapeutic animals for a multitude of reasons.

Rocky’s vote for the favorite photo was spot on!  That is a gorgeous Roseate; very beautifully photographed!!

DaLo, well done on the decoded message! 😉  (I actually could not hold back the laughs on that Photoshop job.)  Seriously though, I’m so glad they want to award him a medal of honor!


Thanks for the comments on the photos, all.  I will be sharing a couple more here shortly because I did get back to MINWR on Friday and… great news… I FOUND THE FLYCATCHER!   Sorry; did that come across as too excited?  😉  I added some three birds to my life list on this trip, so I am pretty thrilled about that, too.


Ok, so I quartered the post (vs. the supposed thirds)… Hopefully you all can view those photos with ease.  if not, apologies.  After the last issue, I am not sure what to expect. SLB, the snake bite actually occurred when … Continue reading

2 More MINWR photos


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (above)


New shorebird (above)… any ID suggestions?  I have it narrowed to two or three possibilities.


MINWR Photos


Ruby-Throated Hummingbird (above)


Young, male Red-winged Blackbird (above)


Painted Bunting couple (above)